So very thankful



I recently had to have my gallbladder removed. It was a little dramatic to start with but I was fortunate enough to only be in hospital for four days in total. Seb was able to take the whole week off after my surgery to help nurse me back to good health and I am ever so grateful for his patience, helpfulness, reliability and silliness, all without which, I would have been lost. He barely left my bedside and held my hand for every needle, cannula, blood test and felt for me through every pain attack and dizzy spell.

My amazing best friend visited me in hospital numerous times, always bringing something to cheer me up. My parents came every day, even though my Dad seriously dislikes hospitals. Because of all of this support I never once felt alone or afraid.

So, as I start to regain my independence and resume some of my normal activities I am overcome with a sense of thankfulness and deep, deep gratitude for the people I have in my life. I am beyond blessed with my bunch and I cannot thank them enough for always, always having my back.

Prior to my surgery I very often felt a little off and not quite right. Sometimes I would suffer from attacks of severe pain that would render me useless for varying amounts of time. The pain was intense, tiring and overwhelming. Looking past my recovery and I cannot wait to feel great, really great again and make the most of my good health. This includes getting as healthy as I can and really treating my body with the best foods, the most exercise and the rest it deserves. My doctor and I nutted out a general plan today and I am so enthused and eager to see how healthy I can feel and how well I can treat this body of mine. After all, it did manage to grow that gorgeous little man of mine so I think it’s the least I can do!

So as I rest my head tonight I am humbled by my blessed situation, thankful for my health and looking forward to tomorrow.

Peace and useless organs.

E. x


the land I love


Seb and I have been talking more seriously about the type of property we want to buy as our first home. We have been talking about it for a number of months now but the more discussion we have, the more photos we excitedly send one another, it’s becoming more and more clear to us that what is really important for us is the land first, then the house. Originally it was Seb who was really keen on all things ‘land-like’ and my focus was always on the house. This has shifted a little for me recently as I have come to realise just how important a large area for my family really is.

I have had the pleasure of visiting some truly spectacular properties of late and it hardly even registers to me what the house is like as my focus and attention is on the block that it sits on. I want to walk around, see what their veggie patches are like, ask what kind of trees do they have and so on and so forth.

I was reflecting on this whilst on the long drive from Seb’s place to mine this afternoon and it struck my just how important time and little dose of ‘woosah’ can be for big decisions. Lately I have been appreciating the value in considered decision making and I really think that now I respect the fact that good things take time and effort. This was something I struggled to get my head around when I was a bit younger.

It is an exciting time for Seb and I and our little family right now as we search through real estate catalogues and online search engines waiting for the prefect place to pop up.  There have been a couple of stand out properties of late that have really had us swooning. We are such geeks sometimes and we sit with our phones on loud speaker so we can look at the same property profile and discuss pros and cons over the phone.

We have very similar taste when it comes to the house side of things, which makes it easier. Some priorities for the house include fire place, large-ish kitchen, lots of natural light and character. Now, the last quality is subjective for sure and I have been known for striking a home off the list for being too modern and lacking in, what I consider to be character. Give me an original sixties kitchen with wood floors over any fancy new cupboards and tiles any day. Oh and the old bathrooms that are often mentioned with expressions such as ‘easy fix’ or ‘perfect rental’, I LOVE them! Old bathrooms with the aqua basins or the purple tiles around the bathtub just make me squeal in delight.

When I see particular properties with large backyards all I see is the potential. I envisage a big, walk through style vegetable patch and a swing set on one side and a big shed for Seb’s steam toys on the other. I love to be outside in the yard as much as possible and can’t wait to be able to really make a place our own and spend time outside as a family, in one house. What a relief that will be.

I feel confident that we have figured out what our priorities are for our family and for the lifestyle that we want to create for ourselves. That direction is clear to us both and bloody hell, it’s a great feeling, to have such a strong vision and to share that with your favourite person in the whole world. I’m a lucky gal, that’s for sure.

I am so grateful for this exciting journey in my life right now and who knows, it may take another twelve months before we find ‘the one’ and are ready to commit to a mortgage, but gosh darn it’s fun to be on the look out!

Peace and 😉

E. xx

Just be interested.


Relationships are the hardest part about being an adult, I find anyway. You can’t get your friend to tell him that you don’t want to be together anymore from across the playground and there is so much more at stake than the possible awkward moments at a shared friend’s party.

There are dreams, families, holidays, cars, houses and sometimes kids involved in this adult game and gosh darn it can be scary! By doing a little simple maths, you may have figured out that Seb is not Oli’s father. Because of this dynamic, relationships now seem so much more grown up and intimidating to me. I’m scared of things going wrong again and losing something special, not only to me but to Oli as well and he is obviously my biggest priority. 

Anyway! Moving on from the super heavy stuff that only sometimes creeps into my head, I have to share the element of my current relationship that is SO important to me and will be the driving and sustaining force for us for years to come- being interested just because. Seb and I have very different hobbies and we both like to take time to devote to them, obviously. So, in order to make things work, we both make an effort to be interested in each other’s interests. Make sense? 

By actively being interested in the other’s hobbies, it naturally creates shared experiences and memories-awesome. You never know, you may actually find a new favourite band, hang out spot or friend. Simply asking what your significant other is working on and actually listening can go a long way to making them feel interesting, loved and sometimes smart! 

Personally, I am always blown away by the passion Seb has for his hobby and it is one of my favourite things about him. If you are willing to try new things, extend yourself a little and trust that you have nothing to lose, the rewards can be awesome!

When people talk of ‘working’ on their relationship, I think this is one area that many of us could give a little more to. This is something that I consider to be vital to my little thing I have going on with a particular hottie. We are interested in each other; hobbies, opinions, bodies, fears, dreams, the lot. 

Go on, just be interested.


(The photo is an example of me merging my love of photography with Seb’s love of steam engines, especially ‘Robeys’. )