from strange places



This morning didn’t start with a sweaty run or a burning weight session. This morning was a little rushed and my head a little crazy. I managed to park, albeit illegally, fairly close to my cafe and run through the rain to the comfort and the warmth of inside, smiling at a few other regulars before joining the queue. 

Nothing had yet inspired me and I wasn’t very present, drifting off into my imagination as I stood waiting. On cooler days, I seek warmth from the coffee machine and wait in the little nook close by. 

All of a sudden, the barista slammed out three strong, confident and loud bangs. A rhythmic flick of the wrist, without thought, I’m sure, as he cleaned the used, ground beans from the filter handle. Thud. Thud. Thud. I felt them through the floor. They went right through me and shook me from my fog.

Those three beats inspired me. They injected something into my day. It’s difficult to describe, really. There was such a confidence, power and control to them and I chose to take that away with me. Perfect, piping hot coffee in hand, I left in a very different way to how I entered. 

Peace and deep, strong and commanding beats. 

E. 😉 x


get inspired


It’s time to get inspired for the weekend. I am constantly seeking visual stimulation and love pretty things. It’s why I care about how my food is put on the plate even when I eat alone, it’s why I love textiles and why my man-friend is so hunky. I just love nice looking things.

If you’re feeling a little deflated or need to shake things up, I suggest getting back to the good ol’ cut and paste technique of a collage. I do them all the time. I hate to put my magazines in the recycling before having cut every last picture that I find wonderful from it. At the moment those pictures from my last haul are sitting in a pile on my bedside table and every so often, after a sly sideways glance, I flick through them and BAM! Inspired again. 

This may sound a little silly but it works for me and I’d encourage you to try it. It’s also fun to notice the changes in the pictures you’re drawn to. My choices have changed dramatically over the last six months and it’s fascinating, really. Right now I pull pictures of nature, of polkadots (always), raw ingredients and pot plants, mainly. I’m really feeling a shift in my style, fashion wise, and it helps to nut that out, too.

This is also a fun activity to do with littlies. It’s also fun with some Carol King and a glass of wine. 


Peace and paper.


P.s Don’t forget to get your Novelty Brooch Friday pics up on to Instagram. It’s been so fun seeing all of the lovely brooches and we’re getting close to picking this month’s winner!