December // winner

Happy December to you all!

Thank you for a great response to the December giveaway, proudly donated by Alison of My Red Scooter! (Instagram @my_red_scooter)

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of the beautiful enamel flower brooch is…..

@turquoiseshoes!!! This quirky novelty brooch is the entry that has scored her another brooch to add to her collection.


Congratulations! Please email me with your postal address and I’ll happily send of the winning brooch in time for a Christmas delivery. eaenglish (at) gmail (dot) com

Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing brooch giveaways in 2014! If you’re a brooch maker/ designer or vintage seller that would like to donate a beautiful brooch to our giveaway and be featured on both this blog and The Tunabake Times, as well as getting a shout-out through Instagram, please email me with a little info about your designs, shop or otherwise and we’ll get you a spot on the calendar. Claire and I aim to support local and handmade wherever possible.

Peace and scary wreaths!

E. x


So very thankful



I recently had to have my gallbladder removed. It was a little dramatic to start with but I was fortunate enough to only be in hospital for four days in total. Seb was able to take the whole week off after my surgery to help nurse me back to good health and I am ever so grateful for his patience, helpfulness, reliability and silliness, all without which, I would have been lost. He barely left my bedside and held my hand for every needle, cannula, blood test and felt for me through every pain attack and dizzy spell.

My amazing best friend visited me in hospital numerous times, always bringing something to cheer me up. My parents came every day, even though my Dad seriously dislikes hospitals. Because of all of this support I never once felt alone or afraid.

So, as I start to regain my independence and resume some of my normal activities I am overcome with a sense of thankfulness and deep, deep gratitude for the people I have in my life. I am beyond blessed with my bunch and I cannot thank them enough for always, always having my back.

Prior to my surgery I very often felt a little off and not quite right. Sometimes I would suffer from attacks of severe pain that would render me useless for varying amounts of time. The pain was intense, tiring and overwhelming. Looking past my recovery and I cannot wait to feel great, really great again and make the most of my good health. This includes getting as healthy as I can and really treating my body with the best foods, the most exercise and the rest it deserves. My doctor and I nutted out a general plan today and I am so enthused and eager to see how healthy I can feel and how well I can treat this body of mine. After all, it did manage to grow that gorgeous little man of mine so I think it’s the least I can do!

So as I rest my head tonight I am humbled by my blessed situation, thankful for my health and looking forward to tomorrow.

Peace and useless organs.

E. x

local is best


I wanted to stop by and share a little experience I had yesterday at the Grower’s Market in Blackheath.

Oli and I had almost finished collecting what we needed when we walked past a young man selling his garlic. I had bags in both arms and was trying to keep tabs on OB in a crowd while he was trying to drink his uber large and tasty mango smoothie-thing. Anyway, as I glanced at the seller and considered whether or not it was worth calling to OB to stop, putting down the three large and precariously balanced bags before scrounging around in one of them for my wallet, he smiled at me, “Good Morning, Miss. I picked this batch yesterday, if you’re interested.”

In that tiny little moment I felt as if there was nothing more important than buying a two dollar head of garlic from this man. Yes, I needed garlic but the exchange stayed with me afterward for much deeper reasons. The garlic grower was so genuine and happy for my purchase, albeit for a tiny two dollars. He was warm, friendly and had manners and a smile.

It is little moments such as this that only strengthen my resolve to buy as much as possible locally, from people who believe in what they’re doing and who have knowledge and passion for their product. It was quite strange that I should come across this garlic seller on Sunday because not two days before, Seb was telling me that OB had enquired as to where the garlic came from that they had seen in the supermarket. Seb explained that it had come all the way from Spain and that was why he wasn’t going to buy it. (We had to show OB where Spain was on the globe when they returned home) We had a lengthy and impassioned conversation about how so much is imported and there is are few questions asked around food milage and more environmentally (and economically) sound alternatives.

We were lucky enough to head up the mountain on Sunday to find Blackheath buzzing with locals toting their baskets and recycled shopping bags, ready to fill with locally grown and homemade produce. I honestly did a air fist pump thingo when I realised our luck and I was straight into the action, soaking up the beautiful sun, enjoying the atmosphere and all the while supporting those growers and makers that put heart and soul into their goods and produce. 

I urge you all to do a little research into your local markets or, at the very least, the local green grocer. They care about food and in most cases, they’re supporting a family, too, just like you are. So give the little guy a chance. Ask questions and consider what is best for not only your family but your community, too. I guarantee the shopping experience at a market or your independent grocer will be a pleasant one including a little chat and some sun, far better than one of those bloody self serve checkout stations that requires the one staff member manning the eight machines to re enter their staff code after every purchase just because you want to use your OWN FREAKING BAG! Sorry about that. You get my drift.

Let’s raise the little guy up and snub the big chains. Where you spend your money makes a bigger difference than you may first think.

Peace and garlic.


Novelty Brooch Friday // December

This December issue of Novelty Brooch Friday is close to my heart. If you’re a regular reader or know me personally, you will know just how much I love where I live, the Blue Mountains as well as my passion for supporting local and independent businesses and ideas. I freaking love both. So, it should come as no surprise that I take great pride in being able to offer a stunning enamel brooch designed by local, very well known jewellery designer and maker and all round lovely lady, Alison of My Red Scooter.


Alison’s designs are simple, fresh and wearable with a nod to past eras, classic fabrics and designs. All her pieces are so wearable and I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise given that she is a busy mum to three gorgeous young children and appreciates being able to just grab something simple and sassy to liven up the day to day outfit.

One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning is at the Glenbrook markets with a coffee in hand and a keen eye for what the stall holders have on offer this month. My Red Scooter is an institution at these markets and you very regularly see her distinct designs brightening up the outfits of market goers of all ages.

Read on for a little insight into this Blue Mountains based label that has won the hearts of locals for years, I’m sure it will quickly win yours, too.

1) How long has My Red Scooter been around for?

My Red Scooter started back in 2007. Like many, it was just something to do when at home with small children but quickly became more than a hobby. In recent times, I have decided to focus purely on women’s accessories, more specifically vintage inspired necklaces, bracelets and rings handmade from gorgeous coloured resin.

2) As a Mum of three, how do you manage to make time to get creative and crafty with MRS?

It is very difficult. I will admit that I am the first to let the housework slip and allow the folding build up in the interests of my business. Coffee, coffee and lots more coffee and I am a night owl so this helps me a lot. I do wish that I had more time during the day as I would be more productive. My list of crafty projects outside of My Red Scooter is very long and I hope to be able to spend some time just creating things “just because” over the Christmas break.

3) Do you see a resurgence in local and handmade shopping in your area? If so, it must be wonderful to be a part of that community.

Absolutely. Which is wonderful for small independent businesses. Certainly after the recent bushfires that devastated the Blue Mountains, many are more willing than ever to support small local designers. We are lucky to live in such a close knit and supportive community.

4) What are you most inspired by?

COLOUR! We are all guilty of wearing far too much black these days. I also love vintage lace, linen and fabric, enamel, chandelier crystals and old china. The simplicity of yesteryear inspires me to create comfortable, classic and affordable pieces. These days, life is busy, we are surrounded by too much stuff, technology and decisions.. Accessorising should be easy.. A collection of timeless pieces that you can wear with anything. You don’t need to dress up to wear my pieces!

5) It must be a kick to see people walking around wearing your creations. What is the most rewarding aspect of your business?

Yes, I do smile when I see others wearing my pieces. It is very uplifting to know that others like what I do and wear my pieces year after year. One of the most rewarding things is seeing many a customer wearing my pieces for years not just a season.

Please join us on Facebook at and keep an eye on our website at It is currently being re-vamped and should be live soon.

This month’s brooch is an amazing enamel flower! (I have one in yellow and green, I love them that much!)


Now, this month is slightly different in that the entries will be open for Friday 6th December and 13th December only! I already have this hot little brooch in my clutches so it can be sent out quick smart to the lucky brooch wearer in time for Christmas!

Claire and I began this little thing quite by accident through a mutual love of vintage and locally made brooches, so what better way to end the year than to be able to send out a locally designed brooch for Christmas!

The winner will be announced on Monday December 16th and will need to email me at eaenglish (at) gmail (dot) com to claim this darling brooch.

Before I forget, don’t forget to follow Alison and My Red Scooter on Instagram for updates on her new lines. They’re amazing! @my_red_scooter

So what are you waiting for?! Brooch up, ladies and gents!

Peace and enamel.

E. xx

Novelty Brooch Friday // Winner



Before you is the prize and the winning entry! Thank you to Teresa for the beautiful fawn brooch and to the almost 350 entries this month! We are over the moon that there are that many other people so in love with brooches that they too just have to show them off!

Congratulations, Laurie! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement of the December brooch!

I’m on the look out for some particularly festive brooches this month! Can’t wait for Christmas kitch to hit real bad. hehe

Peace and love.

E. x