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In the past six months I have really noticed a change in my personal style. Last year I was all about the vintage 1950’s dresses, little heels and clutch purse. This look was very sweet and the lines of the fifties dresses suited my curves nicely. However, many of the dresses were polyester and tended to get quite hot in the warmer months and stick to my body. I also felt a little too ‘made up’ in many of these styles.

I started to look for inspiration from clothes that were made from natural, breathable fabrics that would better suit my transition into living a more sustainable lifestlye. The fashion industry creates a massive burden on the environment and I am much more conscious of that these days and this is reflected in my style and therefore my choices as a consumer.

I am heavily inspired by the late sixties and early seventies. I love the flowing lines and layers that create interest whilst still being comfortable and in many cases, this carefree style is very sexy. Does anyone relate to me when I say that this transition just ‘felt right’? I am so comfortable in a cotton floor length skirt, loose fitting top and chunky necklace and I just feel like ‘me’. I think this confidence is a beautiful thing, like in any aspect of your life when you are true to yourself, you act differently. I walk with a bit of a swagger and I am always comfortable. I love this new inspiration. 

The images above are from a generic Google search and I just LOVE them both. The effortless style, flowing lines, long hair and the natural look is so appealing to me right now.

Other sources of inspiration come from Mexican dresses, a little bit of country, for their chunky boots and practical clothing.  also love floral patterns and embroidery. It’s a bit of a mixed bag at the moment but I am definitely leaning toward buying simple, more basic pieces that can be layered throughout the various seasons and that show no visible signs of a ‘trend’. Handmade pieces and that from market stalls and fair trade stalls are also featuring heavily as I navigate my way through a more ethical and functional wardrobe.

I am currently participating in ‘Buy Nothing New Month’ throughout October. I am using this as a chance to really think about what I need and I will be purging my wardrobe of pieces that don’t make me feel great and donating them to charity. Change is like a cold cider on a hot day; refreshing, rejuvenating and necessary.

Peace and change.

E. x


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