In no particular order, here are some of the great things I have been focusing on, experienced or seen recently.

  • I have started walking the one and a half kilometres to the station of a morning and catching the train to work. It gives me exercise, time to read and listen to podcasts and I love leaving my car at home. Four days a week I am also going for an hour long walk in the morning in order to have some faster paced exercise. I’m loving my new routine.
  • A tiny dog for sale in a home wares shop.
  • I had a short stint in hospital earlier in September and it has done wonders for my health! Firstly, because they were able to stop me from being in crippling pain and also, in a more ‘overall’ kind of way by making me appreciate my normal health and how lucky I am to have it. I am working now on getting as healthy as I can as a result and I am keen for some fitness and healthy vibes!
  • Seb, OB and I have taken a few trips to house hunt recently. We grab a coffee and baked treat and set off up the mountain in search of our dream home. Hearing Ob’s assessments of the ones we stop to look at is hilarious and makes him being a part of the process so much more rewarding.
  • I am slowly getting through my cupboards and wardrobes. I did my kitchen and OB’s clothes today. I managed to take three bags from OB’s room to the charity shop and I organised my kitchen in preparation for having all my cooking staples arranged in lovely glass jars. I have a few and I’m working on it weekly. It will be amazing. The next thing to sort will be my wardrobe and the books. I’m optimistic that I will have far less shit by next weekend.
  • A little jaunt into Sydney last weekend was just what the Dr ordered as I was invited to help a dear high school friend celebrate her engagement to her huge hunk of a fiance. So happy for those two wacky peeps. I did my hair and everything for the occasion and felt a million bucks.
  • I went dancing. I didn’t drink. I had a great time.
  • Organic and raw food has really been inspiring me lately and I am now constantly on the hunt for my next ‘favourite’ product that can help me to live as cleanly and as deliciously as possible. I’m getting quite a list!
  • Podcasts. Hello?! Where have I been?
  • I have been chewing through books recenlty. I have thoroughly enjoyed Eating Animals, Destroying The Joint and High Sobriety. I am about to being The Beauty Myth and I just can’t wait!

These are just a few things but as usual, my brain is always buzzing with new ideas, questions, answers and a little craziness. Thankfully, I like it like that.

Stay curious. Always.

Peace and podcasts.



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