Novelty Brooch Friday // September

Well, well! Whilst the original September brooch donation unfortunately fell through, the fill in brooch and supplier is a knock out, for sure! Rebecca has so sweetly donated one of these ah-mazing wooden skunk brooches for one of our 272 September entries for #noveltybroochfriday!

Claire and I both wish we could have gone into the running for this sweet little number because, as you can see, they are darling!


Thank you so much, Rebecca for saving the September day and stepping in with such a unique and fitting brooch offering. (Imma gonna buy one myself once I finish ‘Buy nothing new in October’.) Follow Rebecca on Instagram on @squirreljunkie or catch her at The Plaid Thermos! This is one lady who knows her vintage and especially her Bakelite!!


Foxy lady, no? 😉

Now, the lucky winner of this month’s truly novelty and all round wonderful brooch is……


Congrats Lenore! From one sexy vintage lady to the next. I love it!

Email Claire ( to claim your little skunk!

We will be back to our regular brooching schedule (that’s a thing) this week as we announce the very exciting seller and brooch for the October giveaway! Claire and I would just love to extend our thanks to all those who make the effort to share their little novelty brooches with the world every Friday. It lifts our spirits and helps us to promote local sellers, designers and jewellery makers that make our lives just that little bit sweeter with their inspired and talented work.

Peace and brooches.

E. x


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