#noveltybroochfriday // winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the month of August! Claire and I just love the weekly burst of inspiration and loveliness that comes from this little brooch-wearing community. 🙂

Now….. August’s brooch goes to……



Congratulations! I love this little Instagrammer and I’m so happy she has won! Eep!

Stay on the look out for the September treasure..

Peace and giveaways!




compare // not to compare


Are you ever guilty of comparing yourself to those around you? I look for the enviable one’s age, that way I can directly relate it to what I have/haven’t achieved and make a fair and reasonable comparison. What a crock of shit.

Her bum is nicer than mine. She has three beautiful kids and she’s my age. She can afford silly looking shoes. She has two degrees. She has slightly longer hair than I do. She has a completely different and incomparable lifestyle but I’ll find a way to compare it to mine anyway. You get the point.

Thankfully I don’t do this too often but I needed a little reality check this evening when I got stuck in a ‘google search spiral’. It started off with Adele’s Grammy outfit and somehow I ended up wondering how come I wasn’t married to a cricket player. Go figure.

After tearing myself away from the destructive images I had a little look through my phone  to see the pictures of OB, the most gorgeous boy I could ever imagine being my son. I don’t know why that comparison rears it’s ugly head, especially when I have so much to be grateful for and in my own world, have achieved quite a lot.

I think sometimes I belittle my role as mother and play down just how much time and emotional energy it takes to be a good parent. I haven’t finished uni yet or travelled the world and for so long they were my goals, my only to-do’s, that I think I have trained myself to put them as the ‘should have’ items for someone my age. Instead, I just turned 26 and my beautiful boy is about to turn four, I live in a gorgeous little house with the man I love and who loves me and I am studying for my dream job as a teacher. Things are good, really good and I’m the fool if I think that being skinnier or having more money would make me happier because this is my journey and it’s a bloody good one so far.

Of course I aspire to be a better and healthier version of me, because, sometimes, that’s what I need to do, but I should never aspire to be someone else. I will never settle for anything but the best version of me. This is my focus for the next little while. Join me, won’t you? 

Peace and appreciation.


everything // recent


ridiculous? yes

I want to be everything. Above all, I want to be a mother to a big, healthy, creative family and then all at the same time I want to be a teacher, a pilot, an activist, a writer, a horticulturalist, a photographer, a gardener, a nutritionist, own a cafe, write and edit a magazine, I want horses, be an interior designer, pattern maker, market stall holder. You get the idea.

Sometimes I love that I have such varied interests and at other times I think it prevents me from giving focus to one thing to be able to do it to the best of my ability. What a conundrum.

I wish that typing this out, rather than over thinking it, would resolve this problem and I’d have a lightbulb moment. Alas, no such solution. So, instead of telling you about how I can’t decide in which direction to go, I’ll fill you in on what I have actually done in recent days and weeks (bad blogger).

In no particular order…

I turned 26 and I like that number, so much more than 25. Bring it on, I say. I feel good about this year in my life and I think it will be one to remember.

The house hunt continues. The current focus is fattening up ye old ‘house deposit account’ before we can seriously look at places. It’s coming along well, though and we are in a good position.

Lover and I chose a bed frame the other day. Is it weird that choosing a bed frame together, walking through furniture shops with OB, felt more grown up than going to an open house…..for a HOUSE? Yeah, it is. Guilty. I haven’t had a bed frame ever and currently sleep on a mattress, albeit a very expensive and cushy one, on the floor. I’ve mostly been OK with it (no squeaking 😉 ) but really feel like it’s time to get with the mature folk out there. It’s also a beautiful bed frame and will share once it’s in our bedroom.

I am taking a little break from alcohol as recent festivities have seen me hitting the proverbial sauce a little too much. My brain and body don’t appreciate it so it’s time to listen in again and get a little body smart.

Every blogger I follow is pregnant. OK, so not every one of them, but enough that it’s always in my face/ screen. I’m only a little bit jealous.

I’m planning a trip to Darwin with Lover and OB. Hopefully this comes to fruition as I’ve not been there and would love to get out of the Mountains for a few days.

Currently really interested in India, Africa and marine wildlife of the enormous variety.

I want to dye my hair orange but refuse to go near bleach. Problem.

Today I finally got over having the farking flu. I’m still sniffling like a boss but can function again. YAY!

This rant was brought to you by an over active imagination and being home alone with no one to vent on.

Peace and everything else.

E. x