currently // a love list


Minestrone, chunky knits, op-shop thrifts, getting into bed with a hot water bottle, green, multiple-coffee days, crisp air and blue skies, completing lists, road trips, baking, slow days, the ‘I want you NOW’ look from Lover, cider, open fires, pumpkin, my garden and getting my nails dirty, walking through my town and falling more and more in love with it every season, the way OB can now annunciate the ‘L’ sound in words, icing, sushi, a change in my style that sits just right, Almost Famous, dancing and baking at the same time, snoozing on the picnic rug even though the neighbours can see us, Daft Punk, sourdough bread, the fact that Seb started using the term ‘Step Dad’ (pretty huge), everyone else’s babies and vegan pizza.

Peace and love lists.

E. x


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