I’m in one of my silly ‘can’t sleep, too many things filling my head’ kind of moods so I thought I’d use it to give you an update on a few areas of my little world.

I think the biggest thing occupying my mind recently is the reality of starting to look for a house. A proper, buy it, start our ives together kind of home. As mentioned in my previous post, we have been talking about it for a while but the fact that we’ve begun to go to open houses is pretty freakin’ exciting. We stayed up until all hours last night talking about all of our home dreams. FYI that is an awful topic to discuss when you need to go to sleep. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be creating mood boards in your mind of all the loveliness you envisage for your future home and it will stop you from sleeping. It’s hard to stop that shit. 

Dragging myself away from that, I have been crazy busy at work but feel as if I’m making strides. My project was a little neglected before I started so there’s a lot of catching up to do in terms of branding, procedures, training, communications, etc etc. I am enjoying taking a huge bite and seeing if I can manage to chew it. So far, so good. 

I am running a craft night at my local cafe this coming Wednesday and I can’t wait! It has sold out and I’m thrilled with the response. We will be making simple dream catchers whilst enjoying being able to meet like minded people from the community, sipping gorgeous coffee and munching through a selection of vegan slices. It is set to be a very pleasant evening and I’m looking forward to seeing peoples different interpretations on the (very loose) guide on how to make a dreamcatcher. I really enjoy the creative process and truly love seeing how others go about it, too.

On top of this, actually, it’s more like squashed between all this is my uni work that I am really into. The topic, Educational Psychology, is really interesting and makes quite a lot of sense to me. However, I will admit that I am struggling a little with the correspondence side of this situation. I miss face to face contact and being able to have a free flowing conversation about the topics and the assessment tasks. That aspect, the human interaction and feedback, has always been a huge part of how I learn. Needless to say, sometimes just reading a text book and writing to an online forum just doesn’t cut it for me.

I watched a great film last night, though, about the importance of quality, accessible education for everyone. It’s called Never Back Down and it was remarkable. I actually fist pumped the air at one stage because I was so emotionally invested in the characters. I strongly recommend the movie, especially if you’re a preservice teacher or feeling a little less than satisfied with an aspect of your life. This will inspire you to do something about it. 

My kitchen has been getting a super work out as usual. I have recently tried lemon cookies, deep apple tart, chocolate brownies as well as a selection of savoury dishes, many being hearty soups to ward off the winter chill. I am in love with cooking at the moment and hope it hangs around for a while as my friends and family love me for it and it’s just so satisfying.

This time of the year is always busy as Seb’s birthday is only days away and then OB and I both celebrate our birthday in August, with many family and friends also clocking up another year in the few weeks around our dates. It’s a fun time of the year and I can’t wait to turn 26 and to see my little one turn into a four year old, two weeks later. I love celebrating and what better excuse than a birthday, right?!

So there you have a little snapshot of what I’m thinking about recently. Some other and very random topics I’ve mulled over recently include getting a second veggie garden started, finally choosing a bed frame, new ways of being more environmentally accountable in my everyday, all the books I want to buy and also the general ‘where can I get some extra time from?’. I think many people feel this from time to time.

Thanks for stopping in. 

Peace and a clear mind.

E. x


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