June // WINNER

Well hello there, all you Gorgeous Brooch Toting Lovelies!

Thank you all for getting involved in the very first month of #noveltybroochfriday. Claire aka ‘Tunabake’ and I were inspired to share our brooches with each other a while ago and then spurred on by the creative wonder, Kristen of Each To Own fame to share the love with everyone.

I love how something as simple as a brooch can bring so many people together and inspire a little bit of fanciness and fun on a Friday. We have had people from all across the globe participate and it warms our hearts. We just love seeing all the little treasures donning your lapels, collars, scarves and hats in some cases.

So, onto the fun stuff! We are so happy to announce the first month’s winner of the very gorgeous fawn brooch from Each To Own…….

(drum roll noise in your head)


Congratulations to ‘Through the Alley’! Your novelty vintage poodle was image number 168 and according to our random number generator…that’s a winning number!

ImageThanks for showing off your little treasure.

I will be revealing July’s spotlight designer and her amazing brooch on Wednesday so please keep showing off all the amazing brooches that we know you have stowed away in the jewellery drawer. Get them out!

Peace and poodles.

E. xx


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