Chore no more


After a lovely and very slow paced Sunday morning of puzzles, crochet and coffee I was hit by a huge burst of motivation. I literally jumped out of my chair. (These ‘jolts’ happen often, sometimes even in bed. Seb has been known to respond with “What’s the great idea this time?”Got to love a man who tolerates all of your crazy, right?)

The little garden out the front is my favourite place and so I went there first and the morning sun on my back was just divine. I managed to salvage a plant that was being sucked into the abyss that is my tomato bush and spread out some darling lettuces that are truly taking form now. Once finished I turned my attention to the backyard. After clearing it of a little dog mess and a lot of toys/bikes/shovels/12 foot trampoline, I donned the gumboots and ploughed through the grass with the mower. It stopped for no apparent reason twice and I managed to get it going again both times. I was awfully proud of myself and my yard looked sensational by the time I was finally done.

OB and I had a picnic out the front for lunch and then I turned my attention and determination to the inside of the house. Apparently one cat, one dog, one toddler and two adults in a tiny house equals a certain type of instant chaos. Not only did I do the floors, sheets, kitchen, mountain of washing up and wash and fold three loads of washing but I enjoyed doing it.

This may sound a silly or like I’ve lost all sense of what having a life is but it’s quite amazing what you can enjoy with the right attitude. What struck me today was that I have a simple, lovely home, a gorgeous, albeit tiny garden and a yard that’s big enough for my dog and son to chase one another in, some beautiful trees and a hills hoist. Things are pretty good, so why shouldn’t I enjoy making them look their best? I’m very house proud and love people to feel welcome and at home when they visit. It was a combination of a bright winter’s day and a bit of energy that spurred me on.

One of the best bits it’s knowing that when I get up tomorrow, I’ll be greeted with a lovely clean home and gorgeous garden to look at. It also means that tomorrow I will have time to walk OB to swimming lessons because everything here is done. There will be no need to rush and the day will be ours entirely.


When I had nothing to clean, mow, maintain or take care of, the thought of doing any of the aforementioned on a Sunday would have had me laughing. But now, I have a family to take care of and a house and yard to be proud of, so why not enjoy them? Putting effort into my home is time well spent for me, not a chore. My son, partner and I all deserve a little piece of heaven when we are at home, because if you can’t make it at home, where can you?

Peace and mower power.



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