Buzzy feelings // thought bubbles


Tonight is one of those funny nights where I’m all buzzy from so many ideas that I can’t really focus on one in particular. Does that ever happen to you? Bear with me as I purge some of them on to the page in no particular order. 

~ I’ve been taking my simple living a step further by making my own laundry liquid, pastry and pestos. It is amazing just how simple each of those products / processes are, yet for so long I just mindlessly bought them. Recently I have become more mindful in many ways, one of which is in my product purchases as well as where I buy from. I am trying to cut out major chain supermarkets and department stores as much as possible in favour of specialty shops, market stalls and recycling/up-cycling what I have. 

I believe that a strong part of my journey to a simpler life has been influenced by a lack of advertising. As I don’t have TV, I’m no longer aware of the latest ‘trend’ or kitchen product or pre-packaged masterpiece available in the freezer section. I must say, it’s been a refreshing eighteen months. I enjoy being able to seek out product information when I need it, not when I’m being told that it’s necessary for me. This has also had a positive impact on Oli. Less hounding, more imagination. Happy home.

~ There are three craft projects that I’m keen to make in the near future, one of which is more like ‘research’ for a bigger project that I will reveal in good time. 

~ This past weekend away has me really inspired and well rested. It’s lovely to know that you don’t have to go anywhere ‘fancy’ or exotic and spend lots of money on flashy new things to feel on top of the world. Family and friends are the glue and this past weekend has proved that. I am so very lucky that Seb’s family are so lovely, welcoming and relaxed. Being in their company is magic.

They are a few of my current little thought bubbles. I may share some more tomorrow as my list is a mile long and full of fantastic things to work on throughout the day.

I also wanted to say a big hello to all of the lovely Down to Earth readers that have taken the time to stop by. Thank you for so many comments as well. Interaction like that with other like minded people is magic to me and I appreciate every comment and visit. So welcome and I hope you find something that strikes your fancy or maybe even your imagination here in these virtual pages.

A deep, uninterrupted sleep is in order now so I may be the most productive version of myself tomorrow.

Peace and ideas.

E. x


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