Novelty Brooch Friday

There is just something so perfect about a brooch. They’re travel friendly, light, an easy way to jazz up an outfit, they keep you company, I could go on. A little while back Claire, aka Tunabake and I were fortuitously brought together through our love of the humble brooch.

We began sending pics via Instagram with the hash tag #noveltybroochfriday as a fun way of sharing our little collections. Well, it turns out that a few of you are just as fond of the little devils so we’re taking it to the streets, OK, I’m getting carried away here, but we are giving all Instagramers a chance to win a beautiful brooch every month!

Claire and I will be taking it in turns to feature a designer that we just love and sharing the love on both blogs. Each month, everyone who posts a pic of themselves and uses #noveltybroochfriday will go into the draw to win a brooch from the featured designer! Tres cool, no?

So, without any more mumbo jumbo, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you our first featured designer, Kristen Devitt of Each to Own!


5 questions for Kirsten:

How did you come up with the name of your shop ‘Each To Own’?

It was originally just a play on words but it did become a bit of an ethos. I really did want each piece to go to a home that loved it so I made sure that I kept the price points well within most people’s budgets and the designs accessible to a wide range of people.

When did you first start making jewellery?

It was just over two years ago.  I had been at home with a little tacker and not working full-time for the first time since I was about 21 (not that motherhood isn’t a tough gig at times) so I started fiddling about with assembled pieces.  A friend asked if I could make some necklaces and rings for her school’s Mother Day stall and it occurred to me that people actually liked what I did.  It sparked something. I joined a local craft and market group called Brisstyle and it all kind of chugged into a life that I now call my full-time job.

It seems like you are working a lot more with wood (when I first came across your work it was more synthetic materials) is there a reason for this? And are there other materials you would like to work with?

There was one big reason – we took the plunge and bought a laser cutter.  I had been getting my designs cut by other people, as machines are expensive and, even though they were my own designs, I wanted to have a bit more creative control.  When I met you I was just coming out of a phase of working with shrink plastic because I could play with it at home more easily – it was a fun medium.  I love working with wood – painting it, papering it in vintage wallpaper and overlay prints.  The machine is a tricky beast but it’s a fun ride most days.  I have just become mildly obsessed with acrylic and fabric combinations and am working a bit with those as well.  I feel like I never get all the ideas out but I think that that is common.

There are a lot of animal and plants/flower  motifs and  in your work, did you grow up in the country or have a lot of animals around you when you were growing up?

I did grow up in a country town and I was animal mad, as a lot of wee girls are.  I wanted a million dogs and horses and cats; I bought mice with my pocket money and dragged neighbours dogs home trying to tell Mum that they were strays.  I think I was safe to call it obsession. And on the floral side of things; my mum was a folk art hobbyist and I think her love of flowers and plants influenced me at some stage.  

Are there other jewellers/artists you admire and inspire you in your work?

There are so many brilliant designers and artists working in Australia at the moment but the jewellery I love to wear most would be Angus & Celeste, My Mother Mabel, Betty Jo Designs and Jettas Nest.  My favourite Australian artists are Bruce Reynolds and Kitty Horton and I adore all of the work of Tracey from Gretel Girl for everything from her artworks to her jewellery.

We’d like to thank Kirsten for taking the time to answer our questions and for offering us one of her brooches as our first months prize.

To enter the competition just post a picture of yourself with your favourite brooch on any Friday in June with the hash tag #noveltybroochfriday and we will choose a winner at random. Open to everyone, you can enter as many times as you like either new or vintage brooches.

This lovely brooch is up for grabs this month, so get involved, support local designers and share the brooch love!


We hope to do this once a month and both Claire and I will take it in turns to showcase those designers we admire and love to wear ourselves. Follow us on Instagram for regular updates (and other totally cool pics, of course). I can be found at @fawn_tastic and Claire hangs out at @tunabake!

*If you are a designer or sell vintage brooches and wish to donate a brooch for an upcoming month and have your shop showcased, please contact me at or Claire at

Peace and brooches!



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