The goal is to not write ‘goals’.


I have a love-hate relationship with goals. I get all fired up for their conception and I love to talk about them to anyone who will listen. I have notebooks full of ‘to do’ and ‘goals for January’ like titles. I have been over this so many times that I almost didn’t write this post. Alas, here we are and I have to get it off my chest.

I am renaming my goals to ‘Works In Progress’, or ‘WIP’ (because everyone loves an acronym.).  I’m changing my approach to improving certain areas of my life, that before were broken down into Goals to achieve before ‘X’ date or ‘Y’ event…. You get the point. I will never stop writing lists, I love them and rely heavily on them, so instead of making lists of things that have a set deadline or a certain number (uhum.. weight loss) attached to them, I am going to periodically make a ‘WIP’ list. I will use it as a way of refocusing my attention to certain areas without the guilt or ‘been there, done that’ feeling you get when you you look back and have missed the mark completely on a goal you set yourself.

I think that having a particular focus and promoting a more holistic approach to a task will help me achieve it far more effectively than having all efforts directed soley at the end result. Everyone needs a chance to pat themselves on the back for giving something a go, regardless of the outcome.

Can anyone else empathise with the vicious cycle of goal writing or are you one of those amazing people who achieve everything they want and need to by the deadline. If so, I envy you. I’m definitely taking the slow road when it comes to ticking of those lists.

In the spirit of this change, I wanted to share my first WIP list;

  • University Study – Devote the required amount of time to this very important part of my life. I’m just getting back into studying and it’s via correspondence, so I need all the structure and motivation I can (self) muster! 
  • Cooking skills – Continue to try new recipes to expand my knowledge and appreciation of wholesome, vegan cooking.
  • Gardening – Stick with the compost heap and make the most out of the small garden beds available. Do more with pots.

So there you have it. My new approach to self motivation and staying on track. Please feel free to let me know what you are currently ‘focussing’ on. I think it’s healthy to want to expand and grow in all areas of life, the trick is to find a way of doing so that doesn’t leave a mark on your confidence or have you comparing your achievements with others doing similar things. 

Peace and lists. 

E x


One thought on “The goal is to not write ‘goals’.

  1. Yes, yes and yes. I am definitely a culprit of the overly ambitious goals list- only to look back at them months down the track & wonder ‘how the hell did I ever believe I was going to have time to do even half of this?’. Particularly when you make those lists during rest times/holidays/post boozey Xmas day lunch etc! WIP is much better, more productive, less pressure! xx

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