A Gentle Reminder


I have a sudden burst of inspiration and enthusiasm for life. I am seeing the beauty in everything these days and I am thankful for so much.

To be honest, this particular mentality was a conscious decision I’d make everyday for a while. I don’t have very much money but I soon realised that I was rich in so many other ways. It has now moved from a conscious decision and thought process to a completely subconscious and very real feeling, a shift in my outlook for good.

Having to be thrifty has given me the opportunity to be resourceful in many ways. I have found an entire winter wardrobe for OB at op shops. All of it, slippers included. I’m going to dedicate a separate post to this because it’s so important to me and you’ll be amazed at the fabulous things I’ve found.

Mornings where I feel the best usually include a big, healthy breakfast, watering the garden, remaining calm with OB and the animals, getting a little cuddle, maybe a coffee and knowing that OB has a full lunch box of nutritious, homemade and wholesome food for his day at ‘school’. A good few tunes on the way to work help, too.

ImageWhen OB is with his Dad, I enjoy a run with Gumbo, a smoothie and some gardening. I can honestly say that in either situation I have moments of complete bliss and thankfulness.

I’m also loving beautiful Autumn days, where you can catch the warmth of the sun whilst still donning a cute little cardigan. Those mornings where it takes a little longer to get up and running, but you get to feel the fresh air whoosh past your face as you pound the pavement and that feeling of being so alive and connected with your surroundings. I try to find positives in each change of season but I’m always especially thrilled and relieved when Autumn rolls around, it’s just so pretty, perfect, inspiring and down right refreshing.

I, of course, have off days and like most people I have days where I’d rather just start again, press ‘refresh’ or simply just sleep the day away, but they are few and far between these days.

My renewed enthusiasm has to do with getting back into my studies and in doing so, a new sense of purpose and direction is driving me to study hard, effectively and with the future in mind. It’s empowering.

It also has a lot to do with my relationship and my amazing partner, Seb. We had the longest of adult discussions the other day and I feel like, with him, I am home and no matter what happens, we are in it together and we will get through it. The security and love I feel runs deep.

Sorry to gush a little, call me a sap if you want.

I hope that there is room in your life to appreciate the little things. Appreciate who you have, more than what you have, and the rest will be just fine, I’m sure.

Peace…and more peace.



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