Currently Vol.3


Lazy lawn layabouts

Listening to: Cat Power, The Rubens, Lune Lake, Daft Punk, Something For Kate and The Shins. (also, I can hear the rain coming down outside and sometimes the wind howls past my window and scares me. 🙂 )

Planning: How I’m going to kick butt in my next uni of study. I have a study revamp on the go as well as some serious lists, time management tips and enticing stationery to boot. I’m going to rock it. ( I love getting organised for a fresh unit. Does that make me a super nerd, or just a loser?)

I’m always scheming something. Seb and Ella (my bff) regularly get texts such as “How cool would it be to do……” or “Let’s do this…., NOW” or simply “I’m in list writing mode” which always means some hair-brain idea will surface for discussion. Eh? What can I say?! I think big.

Thinking about: (cue stream of consciousness…)

How I can be healthier?

I should start to save and plan for OB’s fourth birthday.

I cannot wait to live with Seb.

Sometimes I dream about wearing a pretty dress and getting hitched. Only sometimes.

I think I’m going to let a coin toss decide whether or not I cut my hair.

I really need to finish OB’s winter pyjamas.

I need a new coat for winter. Actually, I probably don’t need one, I have survived the previous winters with the one I have. Strike that thought.

Looking forward to: I am lucky enough to be attending a SImple Living workshop with Rhonda Hetzel in a couple of short weeks. I adore her blog and her book and yes, I will be the dork that gets her to sign my copy. Seb bought me the ticket for Mothers Day and said “It will be worth it. It may only be one day but you’ll be talking about it for years.” He knows how much I love Rhonda’s book, Down to Earth. He knows me so well.

I always look forward to winter and getting into the spirit with nice red wine, knitted scarves, beanies and socks and being able to enjoy open fires. Boy, do I love me an open fireplace.

Reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. (I’m only one chapter in so I can’t really make comment, other than to say that it comes highly recommended.)

Eating: Mexican in any of it’s glorious manifestations, rice paper rolls, pasta and stir frys. I need to expand the menu in this little house. More rice, quinoa, and soups now that we’re coming into winter.

Life is bloody good around these parts lately. It’s been fairly simple, quiet and low key and with that, a little bit heavenly sometimes. The best bit? I can’t see any reason for it to stop. 😀

Peace and big dreams.



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