Chalkboard wall!


Cosy and funky and it always smells so good!

If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that I am forever banging on about how important supporting local business and produce is to me and also, just how much coffee I drink. Well, seeing as though “Our cafe” (that’s what OB calls it) is run by a hot, young, local couple and they happen to make my favourite beverage…..coffee, duh, and just the way I like it, I thought I’d give you a little local insight into the swinging little corner shop that is ‘dbl Ristretto’. 

I visit at least five times a week and very often have to talk myself out of my second cup on the way home. It’s tough, though and I often cave. I carry a little polka dot reusable coffee cup with me everywhere I go and I love that at “Our Cafe”, any one of the staff just has to see my cup and they know how to fill it. 


The soy latte to end all soy lattes.

Seb took us out for our coffee (and milkshake) this morning and, as usual, the place was a hive of activity. I love all the quirky and cool people that frequent this coffee shop. It’s a great place to sit and people watch. Tell me I’m not the only one who classifies that as an actual activity?! It totally is.

OB loves that he can draw on the shop-length chalkboard wall and that the staff often draw pictures for him on his milkshake cup.


“The Grass” as OB calls it.


The Mural wall inside Dbl RIstretto


Regular or large?

The coffee is the bloody awesome, the staff are friendly (and all rather good looking..can’t hurt) and they also give all of their tips to a nominated charity that changes each month, many of which are local. There’s that word again.

I love seeing an independent, well executed local business do well. Dbl Ristretto has me, hook, line and sinker. Oh, it’s in Springwood in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW. That detail is kind of important, isn’t it? 😉

Peace and Coffee. 

E. x


3 thoughts on “#supportlocal

  1. There is nothing nicer than having a little place that you feel connected to and can make you happy. A little cup of coffee in a comforting familiar place can really help to set the tone for the day and fill us with joy. I feel the same way you do, but my drink of choice is a soy chai latte. There is something so comforting about holding that warm delicious latte in your hands and being grateful for nice people and simple moments. I love your blog and I think you are delightful. Peace to you too.

    • Thank you, Kelly.
      Simple things truly do leave the longest and deepest impressions, don’t they?
      I shall think of your sweet comment when I next grab a cup of my favourite coffee.
      Thanks for reading. E. x

  2. What a lovely tribute! We have the little shop next door to Dbl Ristretto, and the smell of their yummy coffee wafting through the walls keeps me on my toes all day! I love the vibe their customers bring to our little part of the world 🙂 K xx

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