From little things…


                                           Love deeply, love often

I want to start something. A general interest group, if you will. For people with interests such as the environment and sustainability, cooking, crafts, books, vintage and up-cycled fashion. I want to meet with like minded people and come up with creative ways of sharing sustainable ideas. Ideally we would have a creative and DIY attitude to grass roots sustainability. I’d love to hold gatherings and discuss everything from vegetable gardening to op shop finds to book reviews. I want to encourage people to get back to simple, fulfilling hobbies and run work shops on various topics. I’d love to see this group have a voice in the community and be able to affect change, albeit on a little scale (to start with). 

Sharing ideas and talking to others is such a rewarding and stimulating activity and can inspire, nurture and grow ideas. Anything is possible with support and all great things start as ideas.

I’m going to work on this and see if I can get some interest from those around my local area. I’m not talking weird ‘hippy’, sit in a circle and share our feelings and hold hands type group, rather a get together for people who have notions of wanting to change the way they do things and those who know a little already, all wanting to share experiences and have a chat, probably around a picnic and definitely over good, locally brewed coffee.

That is the idea I had whilst running this evening. Any further and I’d have had plans for world domination…..

From little things, big things grow.

E. x


2 thoughts on “From little things…

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just come visiting from Rhonda’s blog. Great blog. I’m enjoying making my way through it. I also live in the beautiful Blue Mountains- how lucky are we!
    There is a simply living Blue Mountains group already running. I’m not a member (yet) but my friend is and they apparently do all of the above. Thought you might be can like them on Facebook for more details.

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