manners, please.

Offering to share his morning tea.

Offering to share his morning tea.

I’m a bit old school when it comes to manners. I think they matter. I’m constantly surprised when young children actually use them, which I think is terrible.

I have a couple of very simple rules with OB that I hope will help him in the future to show respect and courtesy to those around him. I’m not a crazy-rule-Mum by any means but I think a few simple expectations on his manners are a good thing.

He must ALWAYS say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when necessary. This includes saying “May I please have…” when choosing something from a shop and talking to the shop attendant. He always says “Thank you” when we leave a shop, whether we have purchased something or not.

At dinner time he is expected to help me. He ‘sets’ the table for me. OB must ask to leave the table before getting off his chair and once dinner is finished he must take his plate, cup and placemat into the kitchen sink.

All of these little things are working (mainly) very well and he knows what is expected of him. Just don’t talk to me about the ‘toddler attitude’. 🙂



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