Passion // Environment // Change


Oh, boy! Am I inspired and buzzing! I have just read a couple of articles in the latest issue of Peppermint magazine and my heart is a flutter! In years gone by, it would have been because I need that new watch or am busting to try wrap my nostrils around the latest chemically enhanced fragrance. Not any more. It’s because I feel empowered. I feel as if I can make a difference and that ‘1’ doesn’t look like such an insignificant number anymore. I am excited about the beginning of a vegetable garden and sustainable and ethical fashion.

If you read my ramblings regularly you will know that this is not a new found interest of mine but a slow burning fire that has recently ignited and filled me with passion, drive and a sense of purpose. Nothing has ever resonated with me so deeply as playing my part in creating a sustainable future. My words are failing me as I type as I cannot describe this feeling in my chest with near enough clarity or feeling.

It is deep, it is real and it is here to stay. 

I have ideas whirring around my head of swap meets for local parents, creating a book club, writing about everything I am learning, making new goals for my family and the part we can play in making the planet greener. Shoot- not even the over ripe bananas are safe! They’ll be a vegan cake by the end of tonight to share with loved ones tomorrow.

I almost can’t type as quickly as the words are coming to my head and I know I will have trouble sleeping tonight.

Clarity of passion is something relatively new to me but damn, it feels good. The topic of sustainability makes sense to me, like nothing ever has before. It sits right, fits right and puts a fire in my belly! 

I’m off to pen some ideas and then make a beautiful zucchini and cranberry loaf. Vegan, of course. 🙂 I’ll definitely be doing some dancing while I mix as well. haha


E. x



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