This is how we roll.


I wanted to share how OB and I spend our time when we’re having a ‘home day’, like today. 

Cooking – This is a no brainer around here and a must on a home day. We regularly go for a pancake or cookie recipe as they offer the best ‘helping’ options for OB. Today, we made apple and cinnamon muffins, though, and they were delicious. 

OB is starting to recognise the packets for the bicarb soda and the baking powder and calls the vanilla essence the ‘secret ingredient’. It’s pretty cute. He also gets to practice cup and half cup measures and his pouring technique. 🙂

Puzzles – These have been hugely popular around these parts of late. The picture above is of an Around The World puzzle that makes a full circle of people from all around the globe holding hands. I liked the sentiment behind that and it is beautifully illustrated, too. We have many puzzles from the op shop as well that are a little more challenging and are best tackled when a certain little one is fresh and energetic. Tired and puzzles is not an awesome combination. 😉

Reading – Oli has a huge collection of books and would sit for hours in the one spot if I had the time or patience to read that many stories each day. Stay at home days are really great for snuggling on the couch with a stack of books. OB gets to pick two stories at night before bed and he always picks the really long ones. I’m mostly OK with this. Seb and I put a long picture rail underneath OB’s window to create a little library, if you will, so the books would always be accessible. I rotate these ones as the rail doesn’t come close to holding them all. We are currently working on creating a house-library in the new study area with a  big book case and snuggly reading chair. OB (and I ) are very excited about this little home improvement. 

Outdoor play – dirt. trampoline. chase dog. repeat. 🙂

Craft – OB loves to paint and use textas, on anything. He is very creative and we often end up in a sea of pipe cleaners, paper plates, glue, glitter and paint. Yes, it’s messy, but it’s just mess. OB and I have had so many great belly laughs over creations and ideas at the craft table. We will always be a little bit crafty in this home. 

These are the more ‘stuctured’ activities and in between these we sing, dance, tickle, throw tantrums, wrestle, play trains, raise our voices and always love each other at the end of the day, no matter how high he frustration levels have reached earlier on. Sometimes, if it’s really hot or he is tired, all OB wants to do is watch a Thomas DVD and that’s OK, occasionally. Its all about moving on. I have a lot of fun with OB and 85% of the time he is just damn good company and an excuse to get paint on my eyebrows. 






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