making memories


Another weekend has come and gone. They really are flying by at the moment due to a bunch of cool things happening which, i guess, is pretty awesome. I try really hard not to wish away the week in order to get to the weekend faster. I’m guilty of doing this a little as it’s the weekends that I have with both my boys.

My focus recently has been on doing simple thing with purpose. Choosing a great place to picnic, for example, or deciding on a new route to walk the dogs. The task really isn’t the focus in this activity, it’s about doing it with purpose, being in the moment and making memories out of beautifully simple times. There are two driving factors in this new focus. The first is Oliver and just how receptive he is to new and stimulating activities. In two days he will be exactly three and a half years old. (wow! Also, how did that happen?!) He is so smart and observant that I need to be really careful about the way I phrase something and I have to make sure that everything has a context so it can be fully understood by him, the way it is intended. He has a wild imagination as well and can often put two and two together and get five, if that makes sense. But I digress. I want him to be engaged in meaningful and delightful activities that stimulate that little mind even more and build his confidence to try new things without worry about failure. This is something that has come up recently, a reluctance to try something a little ‘risky’ in case it doesn’t work. I’m trying to overcome these fears by engaging him in a wide variety of activities, from swimming to baking, to helping with planting and cleaning. It can’t hurt, right?

As well as simply wanting to create nice memories for him, I want him to see value in simple things, and to understand that simple and cheap, if not free, can be just as entertaining and fun as expensive, new toys or take away food. On a very basic level, I want his ‘normal’ to be home baked cookies and cakes and pasta sauce made from scratch. I want him to see the connection between the vegetables and herbs we grow and the food that is on his plate. I don’t want it to be a novelty to see me in the kitchen sporting a polka dot apron, covered in flour and grated carrot. Oli commented on how I “spend soooooo much time in the kitchen.” He said this with a cheeky grin as I handed him a warm chocolate chip cookie. That’s where I draw these simple pleasures from, knowing that these moments are helping to create a healthy world view, and plate for Oliver.

The second reason for the ‘simple things with purpose’ motto is my relationship thrives on it. I am so proud to have just celebrated my first anniversary with Seb. I have never been happier and our relationship gets stronger with every passing day. These simple little activities that we share together or with Oli keep us involved in each other and help to find new things that we can both enjoy. This Saturday just gone was a wet and miserable day outside, but not in our little place! Oli and I made paper plate masks while Seb played his guitar along to the radio. We played marble races and made a chocolate cake. It was perfect. Perfect.

Here is a simple little challenge- Set the table before the meal. Nothing fancy, but a couple of place mats and a shared bottle of water (or wine!) in the middle can make a huge difference to the sense of occasion given to a meal. It’s simple and so worth the tiny extra bit of effort.





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