Random and Recent – Weekend Edition

  • My boyfriend is amazing and brought me a super sweet bundle of gifts including Mad Men DVDs, jewellery and a rose among other things.
  • Picnics were the theme of last weekend. We surprised OB with a picnic at his favourite park on Sunday. He was so stoked and we had the best time. We kicked a ball around, OB rode his scooter and I walked along side so we could chat for the whole little walk/ride. It was magic. 
  • I am becoming a vegan baking fiend and it’s probably not going to help my bum/belly/hips. I’m trying to decide if this bothers me. 🙂
  • My backyard grass is back down to a safe height. It was getting a little nuts and I kept losing my dog in it. OK, so not actually as he’s HUGE, but it was bad.
  • I love staying home with my peeps.
  • Being even just a little bit organised makes a huge difference.
  • I started thinking about some of the winter pieces I really want to get before it actually gets cold. I enjoy planning a little ahead so that hopefully I have enough time to choose things that I really love. Does anyone else do this? 
  • Over the weekend I also gave serious thought to my next tattoo. Gosh darn, I love tattoos. 🙂
  • Sushi with your best friend is pretty awesome.

E. x


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