Make these. Now.

vegan patties

Howdy. I don’t know about you but I HATE wasting food. I save all the little left overs from one recipe to hopefully find a home for it in something else. This often dictates what’s on the menu for the evening.

In the past, I had the best of intentions but always forgot about certain things only to discover later the avocado that had turned to liquid or my left over lentils were morphing into something all together different. I have since solved this problem by keeping a very simple and clean fridge. I also invested in some decent tupperware containers so I could store little things safely and actually have a chance to use them up. As I make almost everything from scratch, my fridge usually just contains raw ingredients, so things are easily identifiable. 

With this in mind, I went to my fridge this evening and found 1/4 of a pumpkin that was nearing the end of its edible life and some lentils that I had soaked overnight for another dish but got the quantities vastly wrong, hence the leftovers!

I came up with the following recipe as a way of using these two key ingredients up and I have to say, they’re awesome. I make patties quite often and many turn out so-so. Give these a burl and let me know how they go down. 🙂

Pumpkin and Lentil Patties

1/2  of a green onion – finely diced

8-10 med mushrooms – finely chopped

 2 tbsp Olive oil

1/4 of a medium pumpkin – roughly chopped

1 cup green lentils

1/2 cup w/meal flour

1/2 cup breadcrumbs

small handful fresh basil

2 tbsp dried, mixed herbs

salt and pepper to taste

Sunflower oil for shallow frying

1. Boil water and cook pumpkin until soft (you will be mashing it up).

2. Cook the onion and mushroom in the olive oil until soft and cooked to your liking.

3. Place cooked onion and mushrooms into a medium sized bowl. Add lentils, flour, breadcrumbs, mixed herbs and combine. 

4. Drain and mash the pumpkin. Add to other ingredients. Stir until well combined. Taste, lick your lips and then add seasoning as desired.

5. Heat sunflower oil in large, shallow pan and lightly fry batter to desired size. Voila.

I served mine simply on mixed lettuce and cucumber slices with a sweet chilli sauce to accompany it. For Oli, I cooked smaller, almost nugget sized patties, some halved cherry tomatoes, slices of avocado and a little tomato sauce for dipping. 

This batter seemed to be a better, more ‘sticky’ consistency and therefore translated into a patty that stayed together very well. I’ll be taking the leftovers to work for a quick lunch tomorrow. I love looking forward to lunch!

P.s these are vegan but no one will know if you don’t mention it and you can surprise all of your carnivorous mates after they have sung their praises. 


E. x


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