Try one.


Here are some simple things (some bigger than others) that I have done in the last 6 months that are helping me live a happier, simpler life.

I have gone back to being vegan. I have been an avid vegetarian for ten years with a block of veganism in there somewhere. This time the fit is right and I am so happy to be back. 

I walk a lot. I try and plan little things around walking to and from somewhere, making the experience not only enjoyable but useful, too.

No TV. I made the conscious decision to not buy/acquire another TV when I separated from Oli’s Dad. It’s actually been about 18 months now since I’ve had one in the lounge room and I LOVE IT. Or, more to the point, I don’t miss it at all. Seb sometimes likes to drop the fact that I’m vegan and don’t own a TV into conversation with someone I’ve just met, just to see their reactions. Strangely, many people think having NO TV is more ‘extreme’ than being vegan. People are funny (and addicted to crappy television).

Cooking. So I obviously cooked before the last six month period but I have really got into it in a big way more recently. I made two resolutions this year and they were to use my keep cup all the time and avoid buying any mass produced cookies, instead making them all at home. And let me tell you, I have been a cookie making mad woman recently. If you follow my Instagram feed (@fawn_tastic) you will have copped an eye full of cookie no doubt. They are so easy and delicious when made at home and this way I know exactly what goes into them. Vegan cookies are deli! 

I got a Keep Cup. Mine is a ceramic polka dot one. Don’t be jealous, just go and get yourself one. Now. If you drink as much take away coffee as I do, you’ll be doing the planet a HUGE favour. And…they look so cute!

Create. Garden, paper, paint, canvas, pegs, glitter, yarn, fabric. Whatever your thing is, creating is good for the soul, far better than mindlessly watching TV and usually yields something pretty for your home and is so much fun.

Lastly, I find something to inspire me everyday. Don’t get me wrong now, I have shitty days like everyone else but I make the conscious decision to find a silver lining, to latch on to something beautiful and use it. Because really, life is awesome, wonderful and down right beautiful.





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