Currently Vol.2


Listening to- a mix tape from Yen Magazine as well as Seb trying to keep up with Jack White’s Blunderbus album. (Keep trying, my love)

Planning- A HUGE garage sale and my first ever international trip! I don’t want to give away too much just yet as it is still very much in it’s initial planning stage. It’s very exciting, though and I am just itching for adventure! 2013 is going to be my year.

Meals that are based around seasonal produce and only bought from a local farmer. I’ve found a fabulous place in Seb’s town that grow everything themselves. How fantastic would it be to get year round, local, fresh fruit and veg and know that you’re supporting a family farm? Very. This makes me immeasurably happy.

I’m also doing heaps of planning at work as I am in charge of an important part of the organisation that is going through some change and growth at the moment. Exciting days!

Thinking about- Still heavily on my mind is sustainable living and taking the next step to living the lifestyle I dream of. My edible garden is going well though and has provided much flavour over the last fortnight.

I’m always thinking about photography and beautiful images that capture my imagination. I’m so inspired by others these days. There are just so many talented people out there and the internet means we can all feed of their creativity. Woohoo.

Looking forward to- Autumn. These stinking hot days can pack up and leave already! I hate summer at the mildest of times but this year has had me just plain angry. I want cardigans and florals and cute little boots….NOW.

Reading- I’m still persisting with The Laughing Clowns but have been very distracted by Beci Orpin’s Find and Keep book. It makes my crafty side do a little dance and I get all kinds of happy and inspired.

Making me happy- Seb.


Happy Monday.

E. x


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