the weekend


In short, this past weekend was perfect with a capital ‘P’.

My parents own a rather lovely property at the top of the Blue Mountains that they keep as a weekender. This is wonderful for many reasons, one being that I have a set of keys and can use it (almost) whenever I want. ‘The Top’ (what I call this house) offers peace, tranquility, inspiration and more often than not, the chance to light a fire and enjoy many glasses of wine. It is secluded in the beautiful bush of the upper mountains and has so much character and charm. I could gush for pages and pages over it’s attributes.

This past weekend was one such little get away for Seb, Oli and me and we all thoroughly enjoyed the change in scenery (and altitude!). Our weekend was filled with coffee shops, bush walks, home cooking, dog chasing, traction engine riding, tree lopping (using said traction engine) and nothing but each others company to fill the gaps.

As I don’t have a television at home, I choose to put the one at The Top away when we visit so Oli doesn’t use it as entertainment. Instead, he built rock houses for ants and lizards, raced Gumbo (the dog) up and down the long driveway, jumped in puddles left from the storm we had the day before and asked endless questions about “piston rods” and “cylinder blocks”. These are all common place terms in my life since I started dating a steam enthusiast. Oli is pretty happy that finally someone understands his passion for trains and can explain, with certainty, what the technical jargon means. At the end of each day Oli was so tired and happy that I barely had a chance to kiss him goodnight before his little head fell on the pillow and he was out like a light. It fills my heart to see him enjoying exploring the outdoors and asking so many questions about his surroundings, all the while building enthusiasm for particular interests (read: steam related things) and expanding his knowledge and appreciation for the environment, albeit in a very subtle way.

Aside from marvelling at my little one, I had a good gawk at the other man in my life as he so effortlessly tinkered with and then drove a 15 ton steam traction engine up and down a driveway with a significant incline. He then proceeded to pull down a tree that has been worrying my parents (Mum) to no end in the recent storms. They were very impressed with such a deed and have invited him to remove many others. How kind. 🙂

The first time I laid eyes on Seb, he was parking a similarly large and cumbersome steam engine and so of course, this kind of activity holds a special place in my heart. That and to be frank, he rocks a blue singlet and King Gees like no one else I’ve met. Move over ‘uniforms’. 😉

But I digress. Aside from the stunning beauty and obscure hobbies that The Top provides, it’s just lovely to wake up to silence, just the occasional bird or, if you have a bizarre dog, the sound of him swimming in the dam on a seven degree morning. Bliss.

It is weekends like this that make me so very thankful for those that I get to share my days with. They also solidify my intention and need to live a simple life, one that is enriched by nature, good company, fresh air and home made food. So CHEERS to another beautiful weekend.



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