home sweet home


I’d like to think that I have style and good taste (don’t we all?). I have no real concept of what my ‘style’ is, though. This doesn’t usually bother me too much and I just go with whatever I feel like at the time. It’s only when I’m considering a drastic change that I wish I had more of a defined style to draw inspiration from. 

I am about to re arrange most of the rooms in my little 1960’s house. I have lived here for about six months now but haven’t really committed to hanging anything or any really big changes. I wanted to live in it for a while to get a solid idea of how Oli, Seb and I would use the space before banging any big holes in the wall or putting major effort into a wall art collection, for example. Well, I think that time is up and I am ready to really hone in on how I want this space to feel and look. I am putting a large emphasis on indoor plants, succulents, and herbs as I love the way they instantly lift a room and give life, even in the winter months.

The idea of putting some of the vintage tapestries and paintings actually on the walls is exciting and the new plan includes a study with a reading nook/ guitar playing space!! Choosing to have this study means compromising some of the other space, but I think it will be worth it as I spend most of my free time on the computer or reading anyway!

A huge emphasis of this project is to pretty much only use what I already have. I like to move my pieces around a lot and stretch their usual uses depending on what need, not what I’m told a piece is suppose to be used for. It gives me a greater sense of achievement when a room comes together nicely and I can continue to use the (most likely) second hand furniture for many years to come.

I will of course be sharing this process and the progress I make here on the blog and hope it can inspire someone else to change things around a little and to make the most out of the furniture they’ve got.



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