Just be interested.


Relationships are the hardest part about being an adult, I find anyway. You can’t get your friend to tell him that you don’t want to be together anymore from across the playground and there is so much more at stake than the possible awkward moments at a shared friend’s party.

There are dreams, families, holidays, cars, houses and sometimes kids involved in this adult game and gosh darn it can be scary! By doing a little simple maths, you may have figured out that Seb is not Oli’s father. Because of this dynamic, relationships now seem so much more grown up and intimidating to me. I’m scared of things going wrong again and losing something special, not only to me but to Oli as well and he is obviously my biggest priority. 

Anyway! Moving on from the super heavy stuff that only sometimes creeps into my head, I have to share the element of my current relationship that is SO important to me and will be the driving and sustaining force for us for years to come- being interested just because. Seb and I have very different hobbies and we both like to take time to devote to them, obviously. So, in order to make things work, we both make an effort to be interested in each other’s interests. Make sense? 

By actively being interested in the other’s hobbies, it naturally creates shared experiences and memories-awesome. You never know, you may actually find a new favourite band, hang out spot or friend. Simply asking what your significant other is working on and actually listening can go a long way to making them feel interesting, loved and sometimes smart! 

Personally, I am always blown away by the passion Seb has for his hobby and it is one of my favourite things about him. If you are willing to try new things, extend yourself a little and trust that you have nothing to lose, the rewards can be awesome!

When people talk of ‘working’ on their relationship, I think this is one area that many of us could give a little more to. This is something that I consider to be vital to my little thing I have going on with a particular hottie. We are interested in each other; hobbies, opinions, bodies, fears, dreams, the lot. 

Go on, just be interested.


(The photo is an example of me merging my love of photography with Seb’s love of steam engines, especially ‘Robeys’. )


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