Make it pretty

Sometimes the creative urge strikes late in the evening and I inevitably have to, either rise early the next day for work or rise early the next day for Oliver.

My solution? ‘Pretty up’ something. It’s a little hit of creativity with the gratification of a finished project. This time I chose my very plain, wooden file holders and I have to say that I’m stoked with the end result!



As I don’t like too much matchy-matchy, I went with one pattern and one solid colour. I just used the

paints I had on hand and some masking tape so the project was also free. Bonus.

I used the conveniently spaced lines on the file holders as a guide and put as many lines of masking tape as they would allow. Then I painted it. While I was waiting for the stripes to dry fully, I mixed up some pink for my solid colour choice and went ahead with number two.

I removed the masking tape once I was satisfied the paint had dried fully and voila! Don’t they just inspire organisation!?



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