I have seen a few of these ‘currently’ type posts around the blogosphere recently and love the idea. I will be doing a weekly post of this kind on Mondays. I first saw these subheadings used by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.

Watching – I have been paying particular attention to the way Oli plays with his toys and the types of imaginary story lines he creates for his stuffed toys, wooden trains and his friends.

I have also been really trying to appreciate the natural beauty of the places that I am lucky enough to call home, work and regular hang outs. These include beautiful, bush filled backyards, rolling hills and rustic farm yards. I make myself literally stop in my place to consciously take it in and appreciate these little, simple and beautiful moments.

Listening to – I recently voted in the Hottest 100 for 2012, which is essentially an election for the best songs of each year as voted for by the listeners of Triple J, a publicly funded radio station here in Australia. Seb and I both voted and had lots of fun staying up very late, listening back through the year of songs that we have loved, talking about where we were when it came out and any memories attached to it. Seb and I share a love of music and it is a huge part of our relationship. In our first year together we have seen Blue Juice, The Cairos, Lune Lake, Kimbra (twice), Something For Kate, Gotye and travelled to Canberra to the Groovin’ The Moo festival where we were amazed by the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs, Gold Fields, Mutemath, Kimbra, San Cisco, Hilltop Hoods and 360 (that was more for me as Seb isn’t that into him).

I always have the radio or a CD playing as I don’t own a television and I love being able to dance whilst cooking or doing the dishes. The artists on repeat around here recently have been Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Something for Kate, Jack White and Lana Del Ray. 

Planning – Our anniversary weekend in February. It’s our first one and we are going back to where we met, in rural NSW, for the weekend. We will have Oli with us and plan on enjoying good food, fun adventures during the day and at night (once the wee one is asleep) some good wine and alone time. The thought of already being at our first anniversary is crazy as it has just gone by so quickly. I get emotional when I start to think about just how much I love my man and how much better my world has been since it collided with his.

Thinking about – Lots. Always lots. I’d say I am predominantly thinking about how best to achieve the lifestyle I want and also really honing in on what that is in the first place, deciding what really matters, I guess. I had a great discussion with my brother about this topic the other day and it really made the cogs turn. We have similar ideas in this domain and get one another fired up and really excited about funny ideas and plans. 

Looking forward to – Other than the anniversary I mentioned, I am looking forward to settling into my new job and having the feeling of being useful again. I am working for a non for profit community group and am so thrilled to be able to help build on an already amazing community service.

Reading – Recipes, as always, Uni text books (reluctantly), and The Laughing Clowns by William McInnes. This is shaping up to be a great read and I will give a review once I’ve finished. I’m not usually that into fiction and sometimes find it hard to lose myself in the story but, so far, it’s well written, witty and is moving forward. Great!

Making me happy – Listening to the rain as I fall asleep and knowing that Oli, my dog and my cat are all safe, fed, warm and happy as they sleep inside on this rainy and abnormally chilly January night.

Thank for reading.

E. x



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