Darling, let’s be adventurers.


I love this little saying . So much so, in fact, that I have decided to make it the theme for my partner and me this year. He seemed pretty keen on the idea, too, which is lucky. 

I do have plans for an overseas trip this year but what I am talking about with this ‘theme’ is on much more of a local scale. Seb (my partner) and I often don’t get to see each other through the working week and so we like to make the most of the weekends. One of our favourite things to do is grab a coffee and go for a drive, and my ‘theme’ is an extension of this and I’m hoping it will encourage us to get out of the car a little more often and find some interesting little spots close to our homes.

Being weekend adventurers also ties in nicely with my new goal toward living a more simple life and what could be better than finding local spots of interest for day trip adventures?! I’m talking hidden parks, walking tracks, abandoned stations and little historic townships that have fallen off the map. Seb and I both live in very interesting areas that we know are just waiting to be fully explored and appreciated.

Thankfully we both have a love of ‘old’ things, albeit from different eras, and an appreciating for provenance and history. I think we are in for some really interesting times!

We didn’t have long this morning so I suggested ducking down to a little creek that runs under an historic viaduct in a town local to Seb. So, coffee in hand, off we went! 

When we plan a little ahead I intend on packing either a picnic lunch or a little homemade snack to enjoy whilst exploring. Homemade food, new adventures, my love and my little boy…what could be a better combination?!

I strongly recommend doing something like this every now and then because, at the very least, it offers a different backdrop for your morning coffee and can spark some fun and interesting conversations.








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