I’m not exactly sure when it struck me, maybe six months ago, but I suddenly realised that I needed to simplify things, slow down and stop letting other people dictate what is valuable to me.

This has a lot to do with consumerism and how distasteful I find the whole concept. More so, I suppose is just how easily I bought (nice pun, huh?) into it. A light bulb moment occurred when I started to see Christmas decorations appear in the shopping centres in SEPTEMBER! I’d like to think it was due to their deep seeded love for the spirit of giving and love, but alas, it was to make people buy more stuff, crap, unnecessary ‘guff’. I left the complex within three minutes. I am not suggesting that this is the first time ‘They’ have done this or that it had never frustrated me before, but this time something snapped.

I thought long and hard about why I was so repulsed by the experience, why I was getting so emotional about some tinsel and “Get in early for Xmas” posters and I am still thinking about it. The current trend to buy something cheap, disposable, mass produced and “on trend” only to throw it out and replace it with exactly the same thing but in a geometric print next season, just doesn’t sit right with me. The need to always get something new, to feel that instant gratification that is so short lived is a thing of the past for me and it’s not a mentality I intend on passing on to my son. Does this mean that I am never going buy a new toy for Oliver or a new pair of shoes for myself? No. Of course not. What it does mean is that I will teach my little one the value of the toys he has and occasionally buy good quality, sturdy (often wooden) toys that will outlast him and can be passed on. It means that I will save for a pair of quality, animal and environmentally friendly shoes that will last, season after season. What happened to classic?

Now that I have articulated my objections to consumerism, I must do whatever I can do to make a difference in my pocket of the world. This is where my want, my need to simplify things happens. 

I am going to share many aspects of this new way of thinking here on The Fawn Times. I’m really excited about this new direction and I really feel like it is ‘me’, as corny as the phrase is.

My peanut butter cookies have just finished baking and my book is begging me to open it. Bliss.




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